Ulcerative Colitis

We don’t have a monopoly on pain and sickness

There's a disturbing trend I've noticed in my ulcerative colitis (UC) support group. A few (thankfully not too many) members imply that we have some kind of monopoly on pain and sickness, and show very little sympathy for family, friends, and acquaintances who complain when when they are suffering from an acute illness. Comments go… Continue reading We don’t have a monopoly on pain and sickness


Premium Tobacco Blend, by Long White Vapour

According to New Zealand-based Long White Vapour's website, Premium Tobacco Blend is its most popular e-liquid. It's easy to see why. It's fast become my favourite e-liquid yet. Despite the name, it doesn't taste like a cigarette. Long White Vapour explains that this is its take on the classic RY4 blend. RY4 was the flavour… Continue reading Premium Tobacco Blend, by Long White Vapour


Caffiend, by Vapourium

Kudos to Vapourium and its E Liquid Buyers Club for considering those of us who own smaller vapourisers designed for mouth-to-lung vaping. Although the company has focused on producing¬† e-liquids high in vegetable glycerine (more suited for direct-to-lung vapers) has recently begun producing a range of liquids that are 60% vegetable glycerine and 40% propylene… Continue reading Caffiend, by Vapourium